The Neighbourhood Helpers programs (or "projects") are volunteer-based peer outreach programs that equip and empower seniors to help other seniors in need. Our senior volunteers are integral to the programs because they understand first-hand the problems and daily lived-experiences of other low-income seniors in Vancouver’s downtown core. By identifying the most vulnerable seniors who are isolated or living in SROs, our Neighbourhood Helpers programs offers seniors the opportunity to help one another starting with the simplest of pleasures: a friendly smile, coffee, conversation, and more.


We offer three Neighbourhood Helpers programs based on geographic and demographic needs:


While each Neighbourhood Helpers program offers distinctive services tailored to the needs of their community, there are still services common to all programs. These include:

  • Volunteer Training. Seniors are given training to build their skills and confidence, which enables them to support other seniors in the community.

  • Resource and Advocacy. We offer seniors with the information, resources, and assistance they need to access essential services, such as housing, healthcare, income assistance.

  • Medical Appointments. Volunteers, seniors, and health care providers work together to help individuals in need arrive at doctor appointments and receive proper follow up care.

  • Special Events. We gather our community together for a number of annual events throughout the year, such as during Christmas and the Summer Solstice. These are great excuses to have fun on a regular basis!

  • Community Kitchens (Downtown East only). Seniors meet, plan, shop and cook a weekly meal together. This provides an opportunity for seniors to meet their neighbours, eat a healthy meal and build relationships.