Compared to the rest of Vancouver, the Downtown Eastside is home to more seniors living on welfare, living with a disability, and/or who are from immigrant backgrounds. In addition, this neighbourhood has the highest concentration of SROs, which naturally isolates seniors from each other.

Our Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Helpers program is our original Neighbourhood Helpers program, having started in 1989. Through this program, we locate the most isolated seniors living in SROs or non-market housing and offer them the chance to help one another by connecting them neighbour to neighbour.


Program Profile

The Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Helpers Program tends to attract adults over 50-years-old as well as adults living on disability who are 45 and older.


The Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Helpers program also offers the following:

  • Coffee Houses. Set up in various SRO hotels, rooming and social housing buildings, our friendly volunteers serve freshly brewed coffee and snacks to residents on a weekly basis.

  • Community Kitchens. Through our partnership with the Vancouver Food Bank, volunteers assist residents in preparing weekly meals served on location.

  • One to One Peer Counseling. Seniors with particular needs receive peer counseling on a one-to-one basis.

  • Training Sessions. Seniors teach others seniors computer skills, community event organizing and outreach support.


Contact Information

To get in touch or get involved with the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Helpers projects, contact Oyindamola at External link opens in new tab or