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Neighbourhood Helpers
(a Seniors Outreach Program)
offers the following outreach services:

Coffee Time - SRA hotel residents meet
together, twice weekly, for coffee and a snack.

Community Soups - Residents and volunteers prepare a healthy soup once a week, for persons in need at various hotels.

Door Knocking - Isolated seniors receive regular individual contact in their SRA rooms.

One to One Peer Counselling - Seniors with particular needs receive peer counselling on a one-to-one basis.

Volunteer Training - Receive training to become a “Senior - Helping Seniors”.

Information & Referrals - Seniors are helped to access services such as the medical system, welfare and pensions.

Women’s Chat - A safe place where women socialize and share their experiences with other women about living in SRA’s.

Flu Clinics - Free flu shots are available, on a seasonal basis, to reduce the incidence of flu and pneumonia among seniors.

Appointments & Chore Assistance - Volunteers and seniors work together to assist individuals in need, to make it to appointments, and carry out their daily chores.

Special Events - On Christmas and other special occasions, we bring the community
together to celebrate, or to remember.

Community Kitchen Partnership - Seniors can come, cook, and meet neighbours at our buildings that work with the Downtown Eastside Community Kitchen program.

Peer Training Sessions - Come and get trained by other community members on a variety of topics including computer skills, community event organizing and outreach support.

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We give seniors a sense of community. We actively address the social, recreational, nutritional and informational needs of low-income seniors.